Your Wish is Your Command
Activate Your Influence
Increase Your Powers of 
Conscious Influence 
Create What You Want on Purpose
7 Day E-Course & Audio Journey
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In this 7 day E-Course you will:

  • Uncover sneaky ways you're currently sabotaging the very thing you say you want
  • Discover how to truly align with what you say you want and activate your influence so you manifest it
  • Build your inner and outer influence through an empowered presence
  • Tune up and turn on your powers of intuition so you easy act on the right opportunities to match the outcomes you desire
  • Become magnetically attractive to people, energies and things you desire so you can get what you want on purpose
  • And the #1 BEST OUTCOME is you'll ACTIVATE your POWERS of CONSCIOUS INFLUENCE which means more of what you want, when you want it!

Instant Access
Most people aren't clear on what they want. 
They think they want something, yet really just want to want it and don't realize they're influencing their outcomes to give them more of what they do NOT want!
  • Help You get clear on what You really want and not just keep wanting and wanting and never seeming to get what you want!
  • Uncover Why You haven't achieved it yet, so you can 
  • Activate Your Influence from the Inside Out and Truly Manifest More of What You Want on Purpose.
  • The RESULT is even more of what You want over and over because once You learn something, You can't unknow it! 
This E-Course is designed to:
  • 4 Training Modules Include: Activate an Increase in Your *Inner Power, *Magnetic Attraction, *Presence *Intuitive Awareness
  • Activate Your Influence Downloadable Workbook
  • Introductory Clarify Your Desired Outcomes Module with Audio
  • 4 Modules with Corresponding Audio MP3s - you can download for your forever library or listen online
  • Bonus savings on private coaching
  • Exercises to help you achieve your desired outcome over the 7 days of the course
What's in this E-Course?
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You're beyond ready to step into a new level of personal power and radiate confidence. You want to use your intuitive gifts even more. You want to enter a room with even more shining presence or command an audience with ease. You know you have to  sell yourself success first, and be the most Powerful Version of YOU!
Uncover what's been holding you back from the success you want and learn the steps to take to start seeing results right away. 
INFLUENCE begins by influencing yourself first. 

Want to unleash the real you? Want to improve negotiating skills, improve sales conversations, master the art of the ask and truly have more of what you want? All this = Confidence 
This E-Course will:
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